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What’s In A Name?

Posted by: Lydia on

Words have meanings and names have power. They are a description that let people make an instant judgement and assumptions about us. Names are the first impression we have of people so what we chose to call ourselves can affect how people see us.

We are given a name at birth, Your skin colour and your hair & eye colour, are given to you by your genes. Society likes to give peoples labels. But our identity is self chosen.

Identity is the self image, the qualities, & beliefs that make you who you are. These are not forced upon us, they are chosen by us to make us the person we want to be. Our identity is how we wish the world to see us and in a way affects how we interact with the world.


As I mentioned earlier, society likes to label people. But why do people feel the need to label others? The labels that we use to describe each other are the result of assumptions and stereotypes. People apply labels to others, people whom we barely know or have never even met, and the same is done to us. Labels are an important part of language and language has been a crucial aspect of magic since the beginning of time. Practitioners use words of power (magical words), have a specific, and sometimes unintended, effect. Sigils are made from the letters of words for magical purposes .

So, whether you call yourself a Witch, a Pagan, A Wizard, a Wiccan or anything else it really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are happy and comfortable with the identity you have chosen. If people can’t accept that, it’s their problem not yours.

Author: Lydia